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Our Business

Do you have old VHS tapes laying around, with great memories you'd like to experience again? I'll take your VHS* tapes and make them into DVDs for you for $19.99 for a one-hour tape. Add $5.00 for each additional half-hour, up to the full capacity of the DVD. In addition, I can use my editing software to remove unwanted portions, correct problems I find, and even make the sound better. Add $5.00 for this service per 1 hour of tape I edit. These prices include the DVD I'll transfer to.

SPECIAL! If you only have a half-hour or less to transfer, I'll do it for $14.99. And if you do three or more transfers at one time, each a half-hour or more, I'll drop the price to $12.99 each for you. That's my Thank-You for helping me get started. I'll do this through April 30.


The idea behind this service is to help you save lost memories from tapes that YOU produced or made, such as wedding videos, events with family you recorded, etc. No copyrighted material - such as movies or made-for-retail tapes - can be transferred, since this would be breaking copyright laws.

What I'll Do

I'll arrange to get your tapes from you. I'll digitize them, then I'll use my software to make them look right. (Correct color, improve under- or over-exposed images, remove excessive noise, raise the audio levels, make the image sharper or softer.) Then I'll arrange to get them back to you.

* "What if my tape isn't VHS?

If you still have the camera that recorded your tape, and you can still play the tape on it, loan it to me and I'll use it to make your DVD, same prices. If you have the files on a memory card of some kind (SD, Flash, etc.) then bring that to me, and I can record your disc directly. By the way, I can also do Blu-ray discs in full HD; add $5.00 to the above prices.